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Razed Sports

Written, produced and hosted by Bob Harkins, Season 3 of Razed Sports tells the story of his father, Tim Harkins, an excellent athlete and an even better man. Bob hopes that the story of his father inspires others during these contentious times.


Season 1: We dive into the issues of concussions and CTE in football. Listen here.

Season 2: We follow the adventures of a most unlikely baseball prospect. Listen here.

Season 3: We tell the story of Tim Harkins, a good athlete and an even better person, whose life provides a lesson for us all. Listen here.


Razed Sports is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many other platforms.

We also have a newsletter which offers podcast updates, as well as bonus content with each episode.


You can support Razed Sports by becoming a member of The Hangar Club, by purchasing t-shirts, or even by giving individual donations. Go here for more information.


Bob Harkins

Bob has been a journalist for more than two decades, including 13 years as a Senior Editor at He has produced numerous long-form projects, and launched Razed Sports in 2018.