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“I never met my mother’s father. And that may be part of the appeal … he’s a story – a rumour!”

When Andrew Evans awakes to the news that the UK has voted to leave the EU, it reignites a fascination with a grandfather he never met (“Somewhat of an enigma but certainly born in Europe!”). Determined to reaffirm his European identity (and maybe hold onto his EU passport in the process), he begins this journey, one that takes him from Lviv to Lisbon to London; from escaping the Nazis to fighting the Nazis. AND from stamp dealing to French prisons and Freemasonry.

“The subject has an unsettling current relevance. Evans is instantly engaging and tells the story with an entertaining wry tone.”


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Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans is a writer-producer and video editor. Among much else, he is currently making music for Kiko Lime Records and video content for Tablet Magazine. He lives in north London with his wife (who is a doctor) and two cats. Follow him on Twitter @AndrewDEvans and find out more at